Anna’s painting practice has it’s roots in her early Waldorf education in New York. Regular wet into wet watercolor painting beginning in Kindergarten, with simple color palettes, were a chance to dive into color, and to express the form and beauty of the natural world.

A mathematician father, who vividly described the fourth dimension over dinner, a mother who closely studied plants, older siblings all adept at sketching what they saw and imagined, a primary teacher who actively worked at honing her artistic skills, were all early influences along an artistic path that was never a question, always a given.

In 2010, Anna moved from Brooklyn NY to Northern New Mexico, where the landscape, quality of light, and rich history inspire her work. She graduated with an Associates Degree in Fine Arts, from Munson Williams Proctor Institute, and holds a BFA in Painting from Pratt Institute, in Brooklyn, NY.

Anna is currently an artist in residence at El Zaguan, owned and operated by the Historic Santa Fe Foundation, on Canyon Road in Santa Fe, NM.




Anna Booth


(917) 533-1323