Anna’s painting practice has it’s roots in her early Waldorf education in New York.
Regular wet into wet watercolor painting beginning in Kindergarten, with simple color palettes,
were a chance to dive into color, and to express the form and beauty of the natural world.
A mathematician father, who vividly described the fourth dimension over dinner, a
mother who closely studied plants, older siblings all adept at sketching what they saw and
imagined, a primary teacher who actively worked at honing her artistic skills, were all early
influences along an artistic path that was never a question, always a given.
In 2010, Anna moved from Brooklyn NY to Northern New Mexico, where the landscape,
quality of light, and rich history inspire her work. She graduated with an Associates Degree in
Fine Arts, from Munson Williams Proctor Institute, and holds a BFA in Painting from Pratt
Institute, in Brooklyn, NY. Anna has handled and helped to produce artworks, from Phillips
Auction House in NYC, to Landfall Press in Santa Fe. She is pleased to currently be a resident at
El Zaguan, the Historic Santa Fe Foundation, on Canyon Road in Santa Fe.


My current body of work first began about ten years ago in New York, before I moved
to New Mexico. I’ve always been interested in how a calligraphic line can express emotion and
personality, which then intertwines with the meaning of the words. I fell in love with my first
fountain pen as a 9 year old in a Swiss Waldorf school, then studied calligraphy as a teenager
and loved my early cursive penmanship exercises. Although mostly obscured to the viewer, I
start with a phrase or word, chosen to help me focus in the present moment, then repeat and layer
it. That thought, phrase, or word is my point of departure.
As a resident at El Zaguan, I’m also made aware of how the layers in my work
describe the joining of past and present. The splatters of paint on my studio floor give a picture
of the people who were here before me, experiences they may have had and artwork they may
have created. Lately I have been looking through old family documents dating back as early as
1806, and I am captivated by the emotion I can see within the curves of the lines that suggest the
movement of the hand that made it, written by people who in some way live within me. It is that
subtle gesture which can describe a unique and authentic voice that interests me, rooted in the
moment of creation yet connecting visually through time. This is what I hope to convey in these
drawings and paintings.